My Lantern and the Fairy

My Lantern and the Fairy

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A Hardcover Story of Light and Kindness told in English and Traditional Chinese (Bilingual)

Little Mo and her family always compete in their village's annual lantern competition, but this year she has no new ideas and doesn't know where to begin. Little Mo finds herself wishing for help in front of a lamp post, when a thunderstorm suddenly rolls in. Worried that the rain will put the lamp's flame out, Little Mo uses her own umbrella to cover the lamp. Little did she know, an unexpected recipient of her selfless act would guide Little Mo to victory in the lantern competition in return.

Not only does this book emphasize the importance of kindness, but presents the story in both English and Chinese character, great for 2nd/3rd/4th grade Immersion students. Children and parents will love learning about Chinese New Year's Lantern Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.

Author: Xin, Lin
Publisher: Reader's Digest Association
Published: 2019-09-24
Pages: 42