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What’s the best way to learn a language? Immerse yourself in it, right! Easier said than done here in the United States. Finding new ways to expose my son to Mandarin or any language outside of English proves challenging, especially while distance learning. Thank goodness for the internet, but with so much content and not speaking much of any other language, it's important for me to find sources of learning that are wholesome. No offense to Peppa Pig, but the way they talk back to their parents is unacceptable, you won't find that playing on any screen in my house. 

cue… YouTube

I have found an amazing new YouTube channel called Red Bear Animation (红熊动画) and your kids will LOVE checking it out with you. The channel was designed for children K-12 to encourage and expose kids to new languages while interacting with fun and friendly characters. The channel hosts award-winning children’s shows, such as Super BOOMi, Mysticons, Franklin and more! With visually appealing graphics, catchy tunes, kind natured characters and fun adventures in every episode, Super BOOMi quickly became a household favorite of ours. Did I mention, it’s the #1 kids show in China? This is a MUST SEE for parents and kids learning Mandarin. Oh yes, and it’s offered in English too!

Super BOOMi is an adorable 3D animated bear with a heart for adventure. The episodes often consist of BOOMi and his three trusted companions learning and playing in a type of video game like reality. Mia the cat, is smart and elegant, Mac the friendly zebra is a bit clumsy and Bibop is Super BOOMi’s dog. The four hero’s team up to fight the bad guys, one of them being Mega Bug, a short green alien like figure with four arms. The team suits up to save the kingdom, the town, the planet and all in Mandarin Chinese! My favorite episode includes the team disarming a visually appealing fire breathing dragon, my sons favorite part too. Haha!

While your child is learning a second language, help boost their problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills, on the weekends or in the car by just turning on this fun and entertaining YouTube channel. Similar to the characters offered on the Disney channel, Super BOOMi works to improving memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask. Super BOOMi is a hero your kiddos will look up to and look forward to watching!

Check out Red Bear Animation and one of our families favorite YouTube series Super BOOMi.

Originally Posted 8/28/2019. Updated and edited 10/14/2020.

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