Mandarin Spelling Test!

What does 1st Grade spelling look like in Mandarin Chinese?

Today I learned about the four tones associated with Pinyin (there’s actually a fifth, but it’s the neutral tone). A little back story here, my son’s first grade class started spelling tests about a month ago and last weeks exam, well, it didn’t go all that well. This time around, I got a copy of the words(symbols) for this week and we have sat down to practice. I tell him the words in English and he writes out the Chinese symbol/s, the Pinyin and the tone mark that goes over certain vowels to denote the sound for this words application. After about four or five times practicing, he got the hang of all eight symbols, the associated Pinyin and the accent marks, or tones. I think we are ready for tomorrow’s spelling test. Wish us LUCK!

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LESSON : There are four tones in Mandarin Chinese, denoted by the macron (first tone), acute (second tone), caron (third tone) and grave (fourth tone) diacritics… Example: ā, á, ǎ, à.

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