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If you’re anything like our family, we have started to question the future of our language “immersion” education. For those of you newcomers, my husband and I do not speak Chinese and our son has been home learning since March 2020. Since we have done this school from home thing now for 6 months, and let’s be honest, there are no signs of a normal/proven education model in our immediate future, we are starting to wonder if it’s time to make a change. With both test scores and the morale of our kids dropping all around us, the lack of the immersive education we initially signed up for, really does have us reflecting on our priorities and where we go from here.

Some of the things we are talking about is: At what point is this language learning from home holding my child back? What are we missing out on being home 24/7? and What effects will it have on his/her future? I will say, it feels like our school is doing everything it can, with its hands tied, but is it enough for a family with limited support at home? Unfortunately, I have more questions than answers for you at this point. The temporary uncharted territory we entered last March has really become something more of an expedition into the unknown. Someone once told me, “if children are stressed they will not learn”. I can’t help but think of the stresses learning from home imposes on them, that there must be a better way and a better rational to keeping these kids home.

On a lighter note, I am noticing that my energy filled 3rd grader becomes increasingly curious about different topics he encounters on his own. It’s so neat to watch these interests develop, learn where they came from and see him desire to explore topics he stumbles upon himself. I wish I could better support him to do more of this exploration on his own without feeling like it’s at the expense of his free play time or parking him in front of an iPad. The lack of sports and other physical activities available right now and all summer to our young kids is criminal. I would propose, our community and schools refocus on finding a better balance to the physical, mental and emotional needs of our young kids while we ride out these public health issues. Unfortunately, I fear we won’t know or realize the extent of the damage done to our kiddos for many years to come. Hoping for the best!

As always, I am interested to hear what is and isn't working for your language learners at home. Visit our Facebook or Instagram page and drop me a line! :)

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