Back to School 2020 ... ?

Well, here we are. Welcome back! I think I speak for most parents when I say I am a bit nervous to see what the 2020-2021 school year has in store for us. Whether your child is full time distance learning this fall, going back to school full-time with precautions or a hybrid model of the two, none of these options look like education as we knew it six months ago. Deep breaths, you’re not alone! I am confident that no matter your decision, it was not an easy one and it is probably filled with the need to rearrange your life as a parent in some fashion. I have also realized the importance and need to find alone time and adult time, for my sanity. Easier said than done, but hey we all have goals!  

Okay, so whatever option you have chosen there are resources all over the place for English and Immersion students. I will link some of my favorites at the bottom. First off, Facebook has many language immersion groups, tutors as well as homeschool language groups filled with resources, ideas and content to make life interesting and productive. YouTube can be a neat resource for cartoons in different languages, we’ve searched out cooking shows in different languages or cultures to learn about native cuisine as well as fun programs to learn about cultural holidays. National Geographic has many cultural holiday programs in particular. Instagram is filled with people who teach language to both kids and adults and it can be fun to watch their videos and stories. Etsy has lots of hand made language learning products for your home, digital downloads, coloring books and learning material, many of which can be fun to engage the rest of the family! Pinterest I have historically had great luck finding craft ideas and paper folding instructions to create fun art projects, some simple and some very extravagant. Check the link below!

In case you are wondering what our family is planning, it’s a bit of a cluster if I am honest. My Mandarin Immersion kiddo will be distance learning this fall. We have high hopes that we will have a better ratio of physical printable work and screen time. My daughter's birthday just missed the kindergarten cutoff this year and we couldn’t secure a program we were happy with earlier this year, so we will be homeschooling her with some really cute curriculum we found via Instagram! She is very excited and we are still hopeful for potential immersion enrollment next year. With that being said, my husband and I feel very fortunate to be able to arrange our schedules to attempt to tag team their educational support. 

With an open mind and our tennis shoes tied tight, we are ready to pivot if we run into problems with the education plan we have chosen. I hope you are too. Please email me if I can help with your questions. If you have experience with other resources you have found vital, I would be happy to test them out and share them with our language immersion community!

I am also committed to you! My goal is to continue blogging once or twice a month, answering questions and sharing our experiences as well as expanding our little shop. It's important to me to be able to stand behind the products we offer on this site. There's a ton of resources and books out there that I have found may look great but really just miss the mark. Stay Tuned! I have a feeling we are in for a wild ride.


YouTube: Kids Chinese Cartoon, SuperBoomi, Middle/High School - Crazy Fresh Chinese, Off the Great Wall
Pinterest: Art Projects, Origami
Other Blogs: Fortune Cookie Mom


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